Stacey Schoeck Pleads Guilty To Murder. Sentenced To Life In Prison

Posted on 03 December 2012 by John DAquino

GAINESVILLE- One by one, family, friends and co-workers of Richard Schoeck either by written statement or in person, all testified in front of Judge Jason Deal about what a great family man and friend he was and how much they missed him. At the same token, all of them expressed their disdain and anger at his wife, Stacey Schoeck who had pleaded guilty his murder earlier at the court hearing.

By pleading guilty to murder with malice and premeditation, Stacey Schoeck threw herself to the mercy of the court, stating that she believed Richard Schoeck sexually abused their 14-year-old stepson and that combined with the fact that she herself was sexually abused growing up, gave her the motive to hire a hitman to kill her husband.

The allegation made by Stacey Schoeck about Richard Schoeck sexually abusing his stepson has never been proven.

After hearing her pleas and the testimony from Richard Schoeck’s family and friends as well written testimony from Richard Schoeck young adopted boys, read to the court by Stacey Schoeck’s mother, Rena Morgan, about how much they missed both Richard and Stacey Schoeck, Judge Jason Deal sentenced Schoeck to life in prison without parole.

It is the identical same sentence handed down to her two conspirators in the murder.

Stacey Schoeck hired a hitman to kill her husband. A former co-worker of Stacey Schoeck, Lynitra Ross, put her in contact with the hitman, Reginald Coleman.

Stacey Schoeck paid Coleman 10K to ambush and kill Richard Schoeck who went to Belton Bridge Park near Lula at the request of his wife to meet her there on Valentine’s Day 2010.

Instead, Richard Schoeck was met by Coleman who shot and killed him. Stacey Schoeck then arrived at the park and fanatically called 911 to report her husband was shot dead.

Authorities were soon suspicious of Stacey Schoeck and after a three-month investigation arrested Stacey Schoeck as well as Coleman and Ross.

Stacey Schoeck agreed to testify against Ross. In exchange for Stacey Schoeck’s testimony, prosecutors agreed not to seek the death penalty on her.

Prosecutors say that Stacey Schoeck’s motive for hiring a hitman to kill her husband was to collect his $500,000 life insurance policy, not because Richard Schoeck was sexually abusing his stepson.

Lynitra Ross was sentenced to life in prison without parole back in August. Reginald Coleman was sentenced to life in prison without parole last month.

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